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Chelsie Fraser

Content Writer
Dog Training
Product Reviews
Dog Health
University of Lethbridge


  • Content writer at, specializing in dog product reviews.
  • Bachelor of Science from the University of Lethbridge.
  • Freelance writer with experience in pet and health niches.


Chelsie Fraser is a dedicated content writer at, where she specializes in reviewing dog products. Her work is driven by a deep passion for helping dog lovers find the best products for their furry friends. She brings a unique perspective to her reviews, analyzing products in-depth and consulting with an in-house veterinarian to ensure all products are safe and medically approved.

In addition to her work at, Chelsie is a freelance writer who has completed multiple gigs in the pet and health niches. Her personal life also reflects her love for animals. As a proud dog mom and trainer to a 3-year-old border collie, she enjoys passing her knowledge and skills to others so they too can enjoy lifelong companionship with their fur babies.


Chelsie received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Lethbridge. While she has not completed any additional certifications, her extensive experience as a freelance writer and her hands-on approach to product reviews demonstrate her commitment to providing accurate and helpful information to her readers.