The 10 Best Brush for Beagles (Review)

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best brush for Beagles!

Finding the perfect brush for your Beagle can be a daunting task, given their unique coat type and shedding patterns. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making your decision easier.

Our in-depth research into the world of dog brushes has led us to review 27 products extensively. We didn’t just rely on the specifications; we went a step further by conducting hands-on testing with 4 top products, ensuring we understand how they perform in real-life scenarios.

But our analysis didn’t stop there. We delved into hundreds of customer reviews, gathering insights from Beagle owners to incorporate their feedback and real-world experiences into our conclusions.

This rigorous process allowed us to refine our list to the final selection of 10 exceptional brushes. These picks are not only effective in managing your Beagle’s coat but also come highly recommended by the community for their efficiency and ease of use.

Join us as we delve into the ultimate brushes that stand out for their ability to cater to the specific needs of your Beagle, ensuring a happy, healthy, and well-groomed companion.

Best Brush for Beagles – Top 10 Reviewed

Best Overall Pick

The KONG ZoomGroom is designed to massage while it cleans, stimulating capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats.

In the bustling world of dog care, the KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush emerges as a beacon of grooming efficiency for Beagle owners. 

Having had the opportunity to test this brush on a particularly adventurous Beagle, I was intrigued to see if it would stand up to the challenge of a dog known for its boundless energy and shedding coat.

The KONG ZoomGroom does not disappoint. Its rubber teeth are gentle yet effective, making it an ideal tool for removing loose hair without causing discomfort. 

Throughout a fortnight of use, it significantly reduced shedding, which is a boon for any pet owner tired of finding dog hair on every surface. This brush also excels at stimulating the skin and hair follicles, promoting a healthier coat and increasing blood circulation.

A standout feature of the ZoomGroom is its versatility. Not only is it superb for grooming, but it also doubles as a soothing massage tool that our Beagle absolutely loved. This dual functionality sets it apart from many competitors, adding value beyond just brushing.

However, the brush’s all-rubber design, while innovative, may not glide through the fur as smoothly as some traditional bristle brushes, especially on wet coats. 

Additionally, its one-size-fits-all approach might pose challenges in reaching tighter spots on smaller or  more slender dogs.


Reduces shedding effectively


Stimulates skin and follicles


May snag on wet fur

Not ideal for tight spots

The KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush claims the title o f Best Overall Pick with its impressive performance on a Beagle’s coat. It combines practical grooming efficiency with the pleasure of a massage, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for both dog and owner. 

Its slight drawbacks are far outweighed by its benefits, making it an essential tool for Beagle enthusiasts aiming for a clean home and a happy, healthy dog.

Best Dual-Purpose Brush

Features two sides, one with fine stainless steel tips for detangling and removing loose hair, and another with nylon bristles for smoothing the coat.

Designed to offer both detangling and finishing touches, this brush promises a comprehensive grooming experience. Having tested it on a spirited Beagle, here’s what unfolded.

The brush features a two-sided design: one with stainless steel tips for detangling and removing loose hair, and the other with dense nylon bristles for distributing natural oils through the coat. 

This design choice proves invaluable, allowing for a versatile grooming session that tackles both undercoat mess and coat shine in one go.

During a week-long trial, I noticed a marked improvement in my Beagle’s coat texture and a reduction in shedding. The metal pins effortlessly worked through the tangles without causing discomfort, a crucial aspect for the sensitive Beagle. 

Switching to the bristle side added a polished finish, leaving the fur noticeably smoother and more lustrous.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The brush’s versatility is its strength but also its limitation. For owners of Beagles with particularly knotty fur, a more specialized tool might be needed for initial detangling.


Dual-function design

Reduces shedding

Enhances coat shine


Not for severe tangles

May feel bulky

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush stands out for its ability to provide a two-in-one solution that caters to the grooming needs of Beagles. 

Despite its minor drawbacks, its effectiveness in enhancing coat health, coupled with its user-friendly design, positions it as a top recommendation in the dual-purpose category.

Best for Easy Cleaning

Its self-cleaning feature allows for easy removal of fur from the brush with a single button push, making grooming and cleanup simpler.

For Beagle owners, finding the right grooming tool that simplifies cleaning while effectively detangling and removing loose fur is a game-changer. 

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush promises just that, and after giving it a thorough test on a Beagle, here are my thoughts.

The brush’s design is a standout, featuring fine, slightly bent wires that penetrate deep into the coat without scratching the skin. This design is particularly effective for Beagles, known for their short but dense fur. 

My sessions resulted in not just a cleaner coat but also a noticeable reduction in shedding, making our home significantly fur-free.

The self-cleaning feature of the Hertzko brush is its crown jewel. Unlike traditional brushes, where fur removal becomes a tedious chore, the Hertzko’s simple push-button mechanism effortlessly retracts the bristles, leaving the fur ready to be wiped away. 

This feature alone saved me valuable time and spared me from the usual hassle, making the grooming session more enjoyable for both me and my dog.

In terms of ergonomics, the brush is designed with a comfortable grip that reduces strain on the hand, a crucial feature for those long grooming sessions that Beagles often require. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction also adds to the overall positive experience.

However, it’s not without its flaws. While the size and efficiency are perfect for medium-sized dogs like Beagles, I can imagine smaller breeds might find it intimidating. 

Additionally, while the brush is reasonably priced, it sits at a higher cost bracket compared to basic models, which could be a consideration for some.


Effective fur removal

Simple clean-up

Comfortable grip


May overwhelm small dogs

Slightly higher cost

Conclusively, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush earns its spot in the grooming toolkit for Beagle owners. Its blend of efficiency in removing loose fur, ease of cleaning, and ergonomic design make it an indispensable asset for maintaining your pet’s coat. 

Despite the minor drawbacks, its value in making grooming sessions less of a chore and more of a pleasure justifies the investment, marking it as a top choice for those prioritizing convenience and pet comfort.

Best for Versatile Grooming

Made from medical-grade silicone, this brush can be used for grooming, massaging, and even during baths, suitable for all pet sizes and fur types.

Crafted with pet-friendly silicone, the Furbliss Brush isn’t just another grooming tool; it’s a dual-purpose device designed to enhance the grooming experience for both pet and owner. 

The brush’s unique design allows for gentle yet effective removal of loose hair, while simultaneously providing a soothing massage that promotes blood circulation and natural oil production for a healthier coat.

Users have lauded the Furbliss Brush for its versatility, noting its efficacy on both short and long-haired breeds. 

Its ease of cleaning is another frequently highlighted benefit, with the silicone material making it simple to wash off fur and dander under running water. Moreover, it’s dishwasher safe, which is a rare convenience among pet brushes.

When compared to its peers, the Furbliss Brush’s ability to be used wet or dry sets it apart. This flexibility means it can help in bathing sessions, making it a multipurpose tool that’s hard to beat. 

Its design also ensures it’s gentle enough for pets with sensitive skin, a concern for many Beagle owners.

While it excels in providing a comfortable grooming experience and is a boon for pets with sensitive skin, it may fall short in dealing with tangles or capturing fine undercoat hairs.


Versatile wet/dry use

Easy to clean

Gentle on sensitive skin


May miss fine undercoat

Less effective on tangled fur

Requires frequent cleaning

In the crowded market of pet grooming tools, the Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush shines for its versatility and ease of use, particularly for Beagle owners looking for a gentle grooming solution. 

The brush represents a smart choice for those prioritizing comfort and versatility in their grooming routine, despite the minor drawbacks that might necessitate an additional tool for more comprehensive fur management.

Best for Reducing Shedding

Specifically designed for long-haired dogs, it effectively removes loose hair and undercoat without damaging the topcoat, significantly reducing shedding.

At first glance, the FURminator impresses with its ergonomic design and the promise of ease in removing loose hair without damaging the coat. 

Its stainless steel edge reaches through the topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat without cutting the skin or damaging the topcoat. 

Users have reported a significant reduction in shedding, noting the tool’s effectiveness in collecting fur that would otherwise end up on furniture and clothing.

However, what sets the FURminator apart from its rivals is not just its deshedding efficacy but also its user-friendly features, such as a FURejector button that cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. 

Its design considerations provide a comfortable grooming experience for both pet and owner, a factor often highlighted in customer reviews.

Despite its advantages, the FURminator is not without its drawbacks. Some users have found it to be on the pricier side, and there are concerns about its use on dogs with particularly sensitive skin or for those that are not accustomed to grooming. 


Reduces shedding effectively

Ergonomic design

Easy-to-clean feature


Pricey for some budgets

Can be harsh on sensitive skin

Size may not suit all dog breeds

In conclusion, the FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool stands out for its deshedding capabilities, especially for long-haired breeds.

While it may not be the perfect choice for every dog, its effectiveness, coupled with positive user feedback, makes it a top contender in the battle against shedding.

Best for Stimulating the Skin

The rubber curry brush is ideal for massaging the skin while removing dirt and loose hair, promoting a healthy coat in short-coated breeds.

Crafted with a unique rubber design, this brush is gentle yet effective, making it ideal for massaging your dog’s skin and promoting healthy oil production. 

The flexible bristles are adept at removing loose fur and dirt, enhancing the grooming experience for both pet and owner. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended grooming sessions without discomfort.

When compared to similar products on the market, the Magic Coat Curry Brush shines in its simplicity and effectiveness. Its gentle approach is particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin, a common trait among Beagles. 

Users have frequently mentioned how their dogs not only look better but seem to enjoy the grooming process more, thanks to the brush’s massaging effect.

However, the brush is not without its drawbacks. Some users have noted that it may not be as effective on very thick or tangled fur, suggesting that it’s best used as part of a regular grooming routine rather than for corrective grooming.


Gentle on skin

Easy to clean

Comfortable grip


Less effective on thick fur

Primarily for regular grooming

In conclusion, the Four Paws Magic Coat Curry Brush offers a compelling choice for Beagle owners focused on stimulating their dog’s skin and ensuring a clean, healthy coat. Its design and functionality set it apart, making it a favored tool for regular grooming. 

While it may not replace more specialized tools for dealing with tangles or very thick fur, its benefits for skin health and ease of use make it a valuable addition to your pet’s grooming kit.

Best for Gentle Grooming

Its soft coated tips are gentle on the delicate fur and skin of puppies and small dog breeds, making grooming a comfortable experience.

This brush is engineered with fine, wire bristles tipped with plastic coatings, a detail that significantly reduces the risk of irritating your dog’s skin. This feature is paramount for Beagle owners whose pets might have sensitive skin or are not accustomed to regular grooming. 

The brush’s size and ergonomic handle are also perfectly suited for the smaller stature of Beagles, providing pet owners with a comfortable grip and precise control during grooming sessions.

From my hands-on experience, the brush excels in gently removing loose hair and untangling minor knots without causing any discomfort to the dog. 

This aspect is crucial for maintaining a Beagle’s coat with minimal fuss, encouraging regular grooming habits that keep your dog looking and feeling its best.

Compared to its counterparts, the Li’l Pals Slicker Brush’s design prioritizes the comfort and safety of small to medium-sized dogs, setting it apart from other brushes that may be too harsh or poorly sized for smaller breeds. 

This focus on gentle grooming is evident in every stroke, making it a superior choice for pet owners who value the health and happiness of their furry companions.


Soft, coated bristles protect skin

Ideal size for smaller dogs

Promotes easy grooming


Not for heavy-duty detangling

Only suited for light use

Requires frequent cleaning

In conclusion, the Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush is a standout choice for Beagle owners seeking a gentle yet effective grooming tool. 

Its design and functionality reflect a deep understanding of the needs of smaller breeds, offering a solution that enhances the grooming experience for both the pet and the owner.

While it may not replace more robust tools for serious detangling or shedding management, it’s an excellent addition to your pet care arsenal for daily maintenance and bonding through grooming.

Best for Detangling

Its long pins are ideal for detangling and grooming long-coated breeds, preventing mats and ensuring smooth fur.

Crafted with long, fine pins, this brush is designed to reach deep into a Beagle’s short yet dense fur, effectively detangling and removing loose hair without causing discomfort. 

The ergonomic design and lightweight nature of the brush ensure that grooming sessions are as comfortable for the owner as they are for the pet. 

Users have frequently commented on the ease with which this brush handles matting, highlighting its superiority in detangling capabilities compared to other brushes on the market.

In the realm of grooming tools for Beagles, particularly those prone to tangles and matting, the Babyliss Pro Pet Slicker Pet Brush stands out for its effectiveness and thoughtful design. 

However, no product is without its faults. While the Babyliss Pro Pet brush excels in detangling and grooming efficiency, some users have noted that its long pins may be slightly too sharp for dogs with particularly sensitive skin. 

Additionally, despite its overall durability, the handle’s grip could be improved for better control during longer grooming sessions.


Excels in detangling

Lightweight and ergonomic

Effective on dense fur


Pins may be sharp for sensitive skin

Grip could be improved

Its ability to navigate through dense fur with ease makes the Babyliss Pro Pet Long Pin Slicker Pet Brush a top contender in the category of detangling brushes.

While it’s a boon for pets with dense coats, owners of dogs with sensitive skin should proceed with caution due to the pin sharpness. Nonetheless, for those seeking a reliable detangler for their Beagle, the Babyliss Pro Pet offers a compelling blend of performance and comfort.

Best Ergonomic Design

The curved design ensures comfort for the groomer and effective reach across the dog’s body, enhancing the grooming experience.

The Safari Slicker Brush, with its uniquely curved design, fits comfortably in the hand, reducing wrist strain during longer grooming sessions. 

Its firm bristles are adept at penetrating through the short, dense coat of a Beagle, efficiently removing loose fur and detangling without causing discomfort. 

The curved shape not only contours to a dog’s body for a more effective grooming experience but also ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed, minimizing the risk of irritation.

In the realm of ergonomic dog brushes, the Safari Slicker stands out. Its design choices, particularly the curved handle and firm bristles, are thoughtfully made to enhance user and pet comfort alike. 

Compared to straight-handled brushes, it offers a more natural grip, allowing for a smoother grooming process that both you and your Beagle will appreciate.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. Some users have pointed out that despite its effectiveness, the brush’s firm bristles may be too harsh for dogs with particularly sensitive skin. Additionally, its size may not be ideal for very small dogs or puppies.


Ergonomic curved design

Efficient at removing loose fur

Comfortable grip for prolonged use


May be harsh on sensitive skin

Not suited for very small dogs

Limited to certain coat types

The Safari Curved Firm Slicker Dog Brush is a standout choice for Beagle owners seeking an ergonomic grooming solution. Its design significantly eases the grooming process, making it a favored option among those looking for a blend of comfort and efficiency. 

However, its firm bristles might not be the best match for dogs with very sensitive skin or for those significantly smaller than Beagles. Despite these considerations, for the targeted size and coat type, it presents a valuable tool, enhancing the grooming experience for both owner and pet.

Best Multi-Functional Tool

Not only does it serve as a brush for removing tangles and loose fur, but it also features a hair remover side for cleaning upholstery and clothing.

At first glance, the Boshel brush impresses with its dual functionality. One side features bristles designed for detangling and smoothing your dog’s coat, while the other side boasts a hair remover for lifting loose fur from your pet and even furniture. 

This multifunctional approach is not only practical but also a space saver, reducing the need for multiple grooming tools.

The brush’s ergonomic design ensures comfort for both the pet and the owner during grooming sessions. 

Users frequently commend the ease with which it glides through fur, minimizing discomfort for pets and making it an ideal choice for Beagles, known for their moderate shedding and playful disposition.

When compared to its competitors, the Boshel brush’s 2-in-1 feature sets it apart, offering significant value for the price. 

However, it’s this same feature that requires consideration; while convenient, users must evaluate if the brush’s effectiveness meets their specific grooming needs.


Dual functionality

Ergonomic design



May not suit heavy shedders

Effectiveness varies by coat type

The Boshel 2-in-1 Dog Brush & Hair Remover is a compelling option within the Best Multi-Functional Tool category for Beagle owners. It scores high on convenience, user experience, and design ingenuity. 

Yet, its suitability might vary depending on your dog’s shedding intensity and coat type. For those with moderate needs, it promises to be an excellent addition to your grooming kit, streamlining the grooming process while keeping your furry friend looking their best.

Best Brush for Beagles – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

This guide focuses on the crucial factors to consider when selecting a brush for your Beagle, ensuring you choose a grooming tool that enhances your dog’s coat health and makes the grooming process enjoyable for both of you.

Different Types of Brushes for Beagles

Best Brush for Beagles – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pin Brushes: The Everyday Essential

The first type of brush you’ll likely encounter on your dog grooming journey is the pin brush. Resembling a human hairbrush, pin brushes are a go-to for many Beagle owners. They’re great for removing loose hair and tackling minor tangles, making them perfect for your Beagle’s short, dense coat.

However, it’s essential to remember that pin brushes are more of a finishing tool. They might not be enough if your Beagle has a particularly heavy shed or serious matting. But for regular, everyday grooming, pin brushes are a solid choice.

Bristle Brushes: For That Extra Shine

Next up, we have bristle brushes. These brushes are typically made with natural materials like boar hair, which is excellent for distributing natural oils throughout your Beagle’s coat. The result? A shiny, healthy-looking coat that any Beagle would be proud to sport.

The downside? Bristle brushes aren’t the best at detangling. If your Beagle loves to roll around in the grass and comes back with a few knots in their coat, a bristle brush might not cut it.

Different Types of Brushes for Beagles

Slicker Brushes: Say Goodbye to Mats

If your Beagle has a knack for getting their coat into a matted mess, then a slicker brush might be your new best friend. With their fine, short wires close together, slicker brushes are fantastic at removing mats and tangles.

But be careful – slicker brushes can be a bit harsh on your Beagle’s skin if used too aggressively. Always be gentle and considerate of your dog’s comfort when using this type of brush.

Curry Brushes: A Massager and Brush in One

Curry brushes, with their rubber teeth, are a unique tool in the world of dog grooming. They’re excellent for removing loose hair and can even help stimulate blood flow, giving your Beagle a little massage as you groom them.

However, curry brushes aren’t the best for dealing with tangles or mats. They’re better suited for short-haired dogs with little to no matting issues. Plus, some Beagles might not enjoy the sensation of a curry brush, so it’s worth testing one out before committing.

Deshedding Tools for Beagles

Deshedding Tools: For the Heavy Shedders

Last but not least, we have deshedding tools. If your Beagle is a heavy shedder, a deshedding tool could be a game-changer. These tools are designed to reach deep into your dog’s undercoat to remove loose hairs before they end up on your furniture.

While deshedding tools are highly effective, they can be a bit overkill for Beagles who don’t shed heavily. They’re also a bit pricier than other brushes, so it’s worth considering whether your Beagle really needs one.

Finding the Right Brush for Your Beagle

Remember, the best brush for your Beagle will depend on their specific needs. Consider factors like their coat type, shedding frequency, and sensitivity to brushing. And don’t be afraid to try a few different brushes to find the one that works best for both you and your four-legged friend. After all, grooming is more than just a chore – it’s a chance to bond with your Beagle. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brush for Your Beagle

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brush for Your Beagle

Understanding Your Beagle’s Coat Type

Beagles have one of three coat types: smooth, rough, or broken. Each type requires a different approach to grooming.

Smooth-coated Beagles have short, dense fur that lies flat against their body. This type of coat doesn’t require much grooming, but a rubber curry brush can help remove loose hair and stimulate the skin.

Rough-coated Beagles, on the other hand, have longer, coarser hair. They benefit from a slicker brush that can reach through their dense fur to remove tangles and prevent matting.

Whereas, broken-coated Beagles have a mix of smooth and rough fur. They often need a combination of grooming tools, like a slicker brush and a comb, to keep their coat in top condition.

Assessing Your Beagle’s Shedding Level

Beagles are known for being moderate to heavy shedders. But, each Beagle is unique, and so is their shedding level.

Light shedders may only need weekly brushing, while moderate shedders benefit from brushing every other day. Heavy shedders, however, might require daily brushing to keep their fur under control.

A deshedding tool, like the Furminator, can be a game-changer for Beagle owners. It reaches through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair, reducing shedding by up to 90%.

Checking Your Beagle’s Skin Sensitivity Before Selecting Brush

Checking Your Beagle’s Skin Sensitivity

Just like us, Beagles can have sensitive skin. To check your Beagle’s skin sensitivity, gently run your fingers over their skin. If they flinch or seem uncomfortable, they may have sensitive skin.

For Beagles with sensitive skin, a soft bristle brush is a great choice. It’s gentle on the skin, yet effective at removing loose hair.

If your Beagle’s skin appears dry or irritated, it’s best to consult with a vet. They can recommend a suitable brush and grooming routine to help soothe their skin.

Observing Your Beagle’s Brushing Preference

Some Beagles love being brushed – it’s like a spa day for them. Others may tolerate it, while some may resist it altogether.

If your Beagle enjoys being brushed, you’re in luck. You can choose from a variety of brushes to keep their coat looking its best.

If your Beagle merely tolerates brushing, a grooming glove might be a good option. It feels like petting, making the grooming session more enjoyable for your furry friend.

If your Beagle resists brushing, try a slicker brush with retractable bristles. It’s gentle on the skin and can make grooming a more pleasant experience for your Beagle.

Remember, choosing the right brush for your Beagle is about more than just keeping their coat looking good. It’s about their comfort, health, and the bond between you and your furry friend. 

So take your time, observe your Beagle, and choose a brush that suits their needs best. And remember, every stroke of the brush is a gesture of love.

Observing Your Beagle’s Brushing Preference

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of brush is best for a Beagle’s coat?

The best brush for a Beagle’s coat is a slicker brush. It effectively removes loose fur and detangles without irritating their skin, making it ideal for Beagle’s short, dense fur.

How often should I brush my Beagle?

You should brush your Beagle at least once a week to remove loose hair and distribute natural skin oils, which helps keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Can I use a deshedding tool on my Beagle?

Yes, a deshedding tool can be used on Beagles, especially during shedding season. It helps reduce excess hair and minimizes shedding around the house.

What are the benefits of brushing my Beagle regularly?

Regular brushing reduces shedding, keeps the coat shiny and healthy by spreading natural oils, and provides an opportunity to check for skin issues or parasites.

Are there any brushes to avoid using on a Beagle?

Avoid brushes with very hard bristles or sharp teeth, as they can irritate or damage a Beagle’s skin. Stick to softer slicker brushes or rubber grooming mitts for their comfort.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude our guide to the best brush for Beagles, we hope that our meticulously selected lineup will assist you in finding the ideal grooming tool for your furry friend.

Our journey through reviewing, hands-on testing, and incorporating extensive customer feedback was aimed at simplifying your quest for a brush that not only caters to your Beagle’s unique coat needs but also enhances your grooming routine. 

The brushes we’ve recommended are chosen for their effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to integrate seamlessly into the care regimen of your beloved Beagle, ensuring a well-maintained coat and a happy, healthy pet.

But our support doesn’t end here. If you’ve found value in our insights, we invite you to explore our site further for more detailed product reviews. Our goal is to improve your life with your pets by offering expert reviews and advice, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Here’s to finding the perfect brush for your Beagle, ensuring a grooming experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial for your dog’s health and happiness. Happy grooming!

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