The 10 Best Dog Beds for French Bulldogs (Review)

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best dog beds for French Bulldogs!

We know the struggle of searching for a bed that not only suits your pup’s unique shape and comfort needs but also stands the test of time. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Delving deep into the world of dog beds, we analyzed over 26 products, putting 4 of them through rigorous, hands-on testing before narrowing down the list to 10 standout beds that promise comfort and quality for your furry friend. 

Our journey didn’t stop there; we combed through hundreds of reviews to include real-world experiences in our selection process.

In this guide, you’ll find a curated selection of beds, each offering unique features and benefits. Whether your French Bulldog loves to curl up or stretch out, we’ve got a cozy spot just for them. 

Let’s dive into finding the perfect bed for your four-legged companion!

10 Best Dog Beds for French Bulldogs Reviewed

Best Overall Pick

Its donut shape and plush material provide a calming and cozy sleeping environment for dogs.

When my friend’s French Bulldog, Bella, first nestled into the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed, the comfort it provided was immediately noticeable. 

This bed, designed with a French Bulldog’s needs in mind, is more than just a sleeping spot; it’s a retreat that offers both luxury and tranquility. The bed’s round shape and raised rim cater to Bella’s nesting instincts. 

The faux fur material is not only soft to the touch but also gives a sense of warmth and security. This was particularly evident during Bella’s naps, where she seemed more relaxed and at ease compared to her usual spots.

A week of observation showed Bella’s growing fondness for the bed. The bed’s filling, which supports joints and muscles, seemed to offer her a more restful sleep. This is a significant benefit, especially for French Bulldogs prone to joint issues.

What sets this bed apart from others is its practicality. The machine-washable feature stands out, making it a breeze to clean – a comparison with other beds requiring hand washing places this bed in a league of its own.

However, the bed’s size may limit some French Bulldogs who prefer more room to stretch. Additionally, the durability of the faux fur is a concern, especially for dogs that tend to chew or scratch their beds.


Luxurious faux fur

Joint-friendly support



Limited space for stretching

Potential durability issues

Overall, the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed emerges as the best overall pick for French Bulldogs. Its blend of comfort, ease of maintenance, and a calming design makes it an excellent choice for pet owners. 

While it might not suit all dogs, especially the more active chewers, its positive attributes like the joint support and easy-to-clean material make it a top recommendation for those seeking a high-quality resting place for their French Bulldog.

Best Classic Design

A traditional rectangular shape with bolstered sides, offering comfort and support for a variety of dog breeds.

The Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed is a standout choice for French Bulldog owners seeking classic design and comfort for their furry companions. The bed’s rectangular shape and bolstered sides provide a secure, cozy sleeping area. 

The bolsters offer head and neck support, a feature particularly appreciated by bulldogs who love to snuggle and lean. The bed’s plush fabric  and cushioning ensure comfort, eve n for dogs with joint issues.

In terms of durability, the bed holds up well against the playful antics of French Bulldogs. Its fabric is resilient, and the bed maintains its shape over time. The machine-washable cover is a practical touch, simplifying maintenance and ensuring hygiene.

Comparatively, the Frisco bed stands out with its balanced blend of support, durability, and ease of cleaning, which isn’t always a given in dog beds of similar design. This sets it apart in the market, especially for those looking for a bed that combines practicality with comfort.

However, there are a few considerations. The bed might not suit extremely active dogs who need more robust materials. Also, the sizing needs careful consideration to ensure a perfect fit for your French Bulldog.


Cozy and supportive design

Durable and maintains shape

Easy to clean


Not for very active dogs

Size-specific suitability

The Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed emerges as an excellent choice for French Bulldogs, particularly for those seeking a classic design that doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality. 

While it may not be the best fit for extremely active dogs or those needing larger sizes, its overall design, durability, and ease of cleaning make it a top contender in its category.

Best Self-Warming Bed

Utilizes the dog’s body heat to provide warmth, ideal for colder climates or for dogs who get cold easily.

In the world of dog beds, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed stands out, particularly for French Bulldogs. The bed’s self-warming technology is its standout f eature, making it a haven for dogs in colder climates or those who enjoy extra warmth. 

The bolster design provides a sense of security and comfort, which is essential for breeds like French Bulldogs. The bed’s plush material and supportive filling are also noteworthy, contributing to its overall coziness and appeal.

However, what sets this bed apart from its rivals is its self-warming feature that doesn’t require electricity. This design choice not only ensures pet safety but also offers convenience for the owner. 

Its size and shape are perfect for medium-sized breeds, particularly French Bulldogs, who often seek both warmth and comfort.

Despite its strengths, the Aspen Pet Bed isn’t without its limitations. It’s not ideal for dogs that chew aggressively or thos e that are extremely active. Also, the self-warming feature, while innovative, may not suit all climates or dog preferences.


Self-warming technology

Comfortable bolster design

Ideal for medium-sized breeds


Not for heavy chewers

Limited climate suitability

Requires gentle handling

In conclusion, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed is an excellent choice for French Bulldogs, especially those who enjoy warmth and comfort. Its self-warming feature and bolster design cater well to the needs of this breed. 

However, owners of heavy chewers or those living in warmer climates might want to consider other options. For its target audience, this bed is a comforting and safe choice, aligning well with the specific needs of French Bulldogs.

Best Orthopedic Support

Features memory foam for better joint support, especially beneficial for older dogs or those with arthritis.

The bed’s core feature is its memory foam base, offering exceptional support and comfort, particularly beneficial for French Bulldogs prone to joint issues. 

Its design includes raised bolsters, providing a sense of security and head support, which users often cite as a favorite aspect for their pets. The cover’s material is praised for its durability and ease of cleaning, a crucial factor for dog owners.

When compared with other orthopedic dog beds, the PetFusion model excels in its balance of comfort, support, and longevity. It’s also noted for its aesthetic appeal, fitting well in various home decors, a detail not overlooked by style-conscious pet owners.

However, it’s not without its limitations. The bed’s size may not accommodate larger breeds comfortably, and some users have noted it takes considerable space, a potential issue in smaller living areas.


Superior joint support

Durable and washable cover

Aesthetically pleasing


Not suitable for large breeds

Occupies significant space

Higher price point

Overall, the PetFusion Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed is a top choice for French Bulldogs, particularly for those needing extra orthopedic care. Its design and quality match its purpose, offering a comfortable and supportive rest area. 

While it may not be ideal for larger dogs and could be a bit bulky in smaller spaces, its benefits for the intended breed and need are evident. For French Bulldogs, this bed is a sound investment in their comfort and health.

Best Sofa-Style Bed

Designed like a sofa, offering extra cushioning and a sense of luxury for your pet.

The FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed stands out in the market, especially for owners of French Bulldogs, known for their comfort-loving nature. 

The bed’s quilted design and orthopedic foam base provide a blend of luxury and support. This is crucial for French Bulldogs, who often suffer from joint issues. 

The raised edges serve as perfect headrests, offering a snug, secure feeling. The size and structure of this bed accommodate the compact build of French Bulldogs beautifully, ensuring they have enough space to stretch out comfortably.

In comparison to other sofa-style dog beds, the FurHaven model excels with its easy-to-clean fabric and durable construction. 

It holds up well against the playful antics and occasional stubbornness of Frenchies. The non-skid bottom is an added benefit, keeping the bed stable for energetic dogs.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Some users have noted that the foam may flatten over time, especially with heavier dogs. Additionally, while the cover is machine washable, frequent washing might affect its durability.


Supportive orthopedic foam

Perfect size for Frenchies

Easy to clean


Foam may flatten

Durability concerns with frequent washing

In conclusion, the FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed is an excellent choice for French Bulldog owners seeking comfort and support for their pets. It scores high on design and functionality, making it a top contender in the sofa-style dog bed category. 

While the longevity of the foam and cover could be a concern, its overall benefits make it a worthy investment for your furry companion’s comfort.

Best Elevated Bed

Raised design to keep dogs cool and comfortable, especially useful in warm weather.

The design of the K&H bed is both practical and innovative. Its elevated structure promotes airflow, a significant advantage for French Bulldogs prone to overheating. 

The bed’s durability is noteworthy, with a sturdy frame and a tear-resistant fabric that withstands regular use. These features contribute to a comfortable resting place for dogs, ensuring their well-being and relaxation.

In comparison with other dog beds, the K&H bed’s elevated design sets it apart, especially for breeds like French Bulldogs that benefit from improved air circulation. This aspect, combined with its ease of cleaning and assembly, gives it an edge over traditional dog beds.

However, the bed’s elevation may not be ideal for all dogs. Some users have reported that dogs with mobility issues might struggle with the height. 

Additionally, while the fabric is durable, it may not provide the same level of softness as padded beds, which could be a consideration for some pet owners.


Promotes airflow

Durable frame

Easy to clean


Not for mobility issues

Less soft than padded

Initial assembly required

The K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Dog Bed emerges as a top choice for French Bulldogs, especially for those in warmer climates or with a tendency to overheat. 

While it might not suit dogs with specific mobility challenges, its durability, ease of cleaning, and air circulation benefits make it a strong contender in the elevated dog bed category. This bed represents a wise choice for owners prioritizing their pet’s comfort and health.

Best Waterproof Bed

Waterproof and orthopedic, perfect for dogs prone to accidents or with incontinence issues.

The standout feature of the Brindle bed is its orthopedic foam, which promises to provide superior comfort and support for your pet, especially beneficial for dogs with joint issues or older pets. 

The waterproof aspect of this bed is another significant plus, making it an ideal option for puppies in training or dogs prone to accidents. Its ease of cleaning – being machine washable – is frequently mentioned in user reviews as a major advantage, simplifying pet care routines.

In comparison to other dog beds in the market, the Brindle bed’s durability and design for comfort are its key differentiators. 

Users often praise its ability to retain shape and firmness over time, a testament to its quality construction. However, it’s important to note that this bed, like all products, has its limitations.

While the Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed stands out for its functional benefits, it’s important to consider the size and preferences of your French Bulldog. 

Some users have pointed out the limited size and style options, which may not appeal to all pet owners. Also, the firmness of the bed, although beneficial for orthopedic support, may not suit all dogs.


Orthopedic support

Waterproof design

Easy to clean


Limited size options

Minimal style choices

Firmness varies

Overall, this bed represents a sound investment for those prioritizing durability and functionality. 

Its waterproof and orthopedic features make it a top contender in the category of the best beds for French Bulldogs, particularly for those dealing with specific health or training needs. 

However, owners looking for more aesthetic variety or softer bedding might need to explore other options.

Best for Travel

Portable and lightweight, making it ideal for dogs on the go.

The bed’s lightweight and portable design stands out immediately. Its ease of folding and transport makes it an excellent choice for travel-savvy dog owners. 

The bed’s fabric is both durable and soft, ensuring comfort for your pup in various settings, from hotel rooms to camping sites. 

Comparatively, the Chuckit! bed’s portability sets it apart from many of its competitors, which often focus more on in-home use. This travel-friendly nature aligns perfectly with the lifestyle of dog owners who are often on the move with their furry companions.

However, the bed’s thin padding, while convenient for transport, may not provide enough support for older dogs or those with joint issues. Additionally, its one-size approach might not suit larger French Bulldogs, hinting at a lack of versatility.


Lightweight and portable

Durable fabric

Versatile for travel


Thin padding

Limited size options

Not for joint support

In summary, the Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed is a fantastic choice for French Bulldog owners who frequently travel. It offers a blend of durability and convenience, albeit with some compromises in padding and size variety. 

For those seeking a travel-friendly bed that caters to the basic comfort of their pet, it is a solid choice. However, owners of older dogs or those requiring more orthopedic support might need to look elsewhere. This bed shines in its niche but is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Best Durable Outdoor Bed

Steel frame and elevated design make it durable and suitable for outdoor use.

The design of the Coolaroo bed is distinct – its elevated frame, made of sturdy steel, lifts your pet off the ground. This design not only enhances airflow around your pet, crucial for those hot summer days, but also aids in keeping them cool and comfortable. 

The fabric used for the bed surface is a high-density polyethylene, which is both breathable and flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor conditions and for pets prone to allergies.

In comparison to traditional dog beds, the Coolaroo offers a unique blend of durability and comfort, especially for outdoor use. Its elevated design sets it apart, providing a cool resting place, away from hot surfaces or damp grass.

However, this bed might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some dogs, especially those who prefer plush, soft surfaces, might find the firmer fabric less cozy. Also, the assembly process, although straightforward, might be a bit tedious for some.


Elevated, cooling design

Durable construction

Resistant to pests


Less cushiony feel

Assembly required

Specific to outdoor use

To sum up, the Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed is an excellent choice for French Bulldogs, particularly if you’re looking for an outdoor, durable option. Its cooling, elevated design and sturdy build make it stand out. 

However, if your pet prefers a softer, more plush bed, or if you’re not keen on assembling the bed, you might want to consider other options. For those seeking a robust, easy-to-clean, and comfortable outdoor bed for their canine companion, the Coolaroo is a fantastic choice.

Best for Joint Health and Comfort

Designed with orthopedic foam, this bed provides superior joint support and comfort, ideal for dogs with arthritis or joint issues.

One of the standout features of this bed is its orthopedic foam base. It’s designed to provide optimal support for joints, making it particularly beneficial for dogs with arthritis or other joint issues. 

The bolstered edges add another layer of comfort, offering a cozy headrest for pets. Users have frequently highlighted the bed’s ability to maintain its shape and support over time, praising its durability.

In the realm of dog beds, the Serta Quilted Bed is set apart by its combination of orthopedic support and plush comfort. Users often comment on the ease of cleaning, thanks to its removable, machine-washable cover, which is a significant advantage over many competitors.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Some users have pointed out that the bed may not withstand heavy chewing, and its size might not accommodate larger breeds comfortably. 

These aspects suggest that while the bed is a great option for many, it might not suit every dog’s needs.


Orthopedic support

Durable and maintains shape

Easy to clean


Not chew-resistant

Limited size options

May be pricey for some

The Serta Quilted Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed stands out for its superior joint support and comfort, making it an excellent choice for French Bulldogs and similar breeds. The user feedback underscores its quality and functionality in promoting joint health. 

However, for dogs prone to chewing or those needing larger sizes, this bed might not be the ideal fit. For those prioritizing joint health and comfort, it represents a solid investment, though it’s worth weighing the cost against the specific needs of your pet.

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Your French Bulldog

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Your French Bulldog

Finding the ideal dog bed for your French Bulldog is a delightful journey into comfort and care. These charming companions, with their distinct personalities and needs, deserve a bed that’s as special as they are. 

Let’s explore how to choose a bed that promises your Frenchie sweet dreams and cozy naps, blending comfort with style in their own little corner of your home.

Size and Shape: Tailoring the Perfect Fit for Your Frenchie

The first step in selecting a bed for your French Bulldog is considering the size and shape. You’re looking for a bed that fits your Frenchie like a second skin, accommodating their body and sleeping style. So, how do you find this perfect fit?

Start by measuring your Frenchie’s length, width, and height. Use a tape measure or even a cardboard cutout to get accurate measurements. Don’t forget to add a little extra space for comfort and movement.

A bed slightly larger than your Frenchie’s measurements is ideal – think Goldilocks principle here: not too big, not too small, but just right.

Next, ponder over the shape of the bed. Dog beds come in a variety of shapes – round, rectangular, oval, or donut. Each shape caters to different sleeping positions.

Does your Frenchie curl up like a little croissant when sleeping, or do they prefer sprawling out like a starfish? Choose a shape that complements your Frenchie’s sleeping habits, offering enough space and security.

Material and Quality The Intersection of Comfort and Durability

Material and Quality: The Intersection of Comfort and Durability

The fabric and filling of the bed are equally significant. Dog beds are made from a variety of fabrics like cotton, polyester, fleece, faux fur, or microfiber. Each has its pros and cons in terms of softness, breathability, durability, and resistance to stains, odors, and water.

For instance, cotton is breathable and easy to clean, while faux fur might offer a plush feel but be prone to shedding. Choose a fabric that strikes a balance between comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning.

As for the filling, options range from foam, memory foam, polyfill, to cedar chips. Each offers different levels of density, firmness, support, and odor control. A filling that is supportive, comfortable, and hypoallergenic is your best bet.

Always check the quality and safety of the bed. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as holes, rips, or loose threads. Inspect the seams, zippers, and labels for any sharp or hazardous objects. Avoid low-quality dog beds that might contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or allergens, or pose a choking or suffocation risk for your Frenchie.

Support and Comfort A Bed That Cares for Your Frenchie’s Joints and Spine

Support and Comfort: A Bed That Cares for Your Frenchie’s Joints and Spine

Your Frenchie’s bed should be more than just a place to sleep. It should be a sanctuary that provides adequate cushioning and orthopedic support for their joints and spine. Look for a bed that has a thick and firm base, a soft and cozy top, and a raised or bolstered edge.

A thick and firm base can prevent your Frenchie from sinking to the floor, providing even weight distribution and pressure relief. A soft and cozy top can conform to your Frenchie’s body shape, offering extra warmth and comfort.

A raised or bolstered edge can serve as a pillow or a cuddle buddy for your Frenchie, supporting their head, neck, and back.

For Frenchies with orthopedic conditions or injuries, dog beds specifically designed for orthopedic or therapeutic purposes can be beneficial. Memory foam beds mold to your Frenchie’s body and provide optimal support and comfort.

Heated beds soothe muscles and joints and improve blood circulation. Cooling beds regulate body temperature and prevent overheating and dehydration.

Temperature and Ventilation Keeping Your Frenchie Cool and Comfortable

Temperature and Ventilation: Keeping Your Frenchie Cool and Comfortable

Frenchies are prone to overheating and breathing difficulties due to their short snouts and thick coats. Therefore, temperature and ventilation are important factors when choosing a bed.

A bed made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or mesh, and a ventilated or elevated design, such as a cot or a hammock, can keep your Frenchie cool and comfortable.

Avoid beds made of synthetic or furry fabrics, such as polyester, fleece, or faux fur, or those with a closed or enclosed design, which can trap heat and restrict airflow.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: A Bed That Stays Fresh and Clean

A bed that’s easy to wash and maintain is a blessing. It not only affects your Frenchie’s health and hygiene but also the appearance and durability of the bed.

Choose a bed that’s machine washable and dryer safe, or one with a removable and washable cover. Beds resistant to stains, odors, and water are also a good choice. Avoid beds that are not machine washable or dryer safe, or those prone to stains, odors, and water damage.

Remember, a clean bed is a happy bed, and a happy bed makes for a happy Frenchie!

By following these guidelines, you’ll find the perfect bed for your French Bulldog. A bed that not only ensures their comfort and happiness but also adds a stylish touch to your home.

best dog beds for french bulldogs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bed is best for a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs typically require a medium-sized dog bed, ideally around 30 inches in length. It’s important to choose a bed that offers enough space for them to stretch out comfortably, but not so large that they lose the cozy, secure feeling smaller beds provide.

Are orthopedic beds good for French Bulldogs?

Yes, orthopedic beds are highly recommended for French Bulldogs. These breeds are prone to joint issues and arthritis as they age, so an orthopedic bed with memory foam can provide the necessary support for their joints and alleviate discomfort.

What material is best for a French Bulldog’s bed?

Look for a bed made from durable, yet comfortable materials like high-density foam or memory foam. The cover should be made of a tough, washable fabric since French Bulldogs can be prone to shedding and occasional drooling. A water-resistant cover is a bonus.

How often should I replace my French Bulldog’s bed?

The frequency of replacement depends on the bed’s quality and your dog’s usage. Generally, a well-made dog bed should last several years. However, if you notice signs of wear like sagging, loss of shape, or reduced support, it’s time to replace it.

Can French Bulldogs have elevated dog beds?

Elevated dog beds can be suitable for French Bulldogs, especially in warmer climates, as they provide good air circulation and keep the dog cool. However, ensure the bed is not too high to prevent any strain on their joints when getting on and off the bed.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, choosing the right bed for your French Bulldog is more than a matter of comfort; it’s about ensuring their health and happiness. 

Our thorough research, hands-on testing, and deep dive into customer reviews have led us to these top 10 dog beds, each offering something special for your beloved pet. 

From orthopedic support to easy cleaning, these beds cater to the specific needs of French Bulldogs, ensuring they have a cozy and supportive place to rest. 

We hope this guide simplifies your decision and leads you to a bed that your furry friend will love and enjoy for years to come.

If you found this review useful, be sure to explore our other meticulously written product reviews.

Happy snoozing to your French Bulldog!

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